IP Transactions

The marketplace for IP transactions has gone through a drastic evolution. Companies, large and small, have adjusted their approach to intellectual property management and commercialization recognizing and viewing IP as an individual asset which can and often needs to be separated from the underlying product development.

Marqera provides various options for patent monetization including the sale, license or litigation of intellectual property. The Marqera team, whether it be for patent owners or those seeking to acquire patent rights, guides clients from initial review through closing, ensuring that any necessary precautions are taken in seeking to consummate a transaction or assertion campaign.

  • Patent Sales – Marqera works with a variety of individuals and companies to facilitate the outright sale of their IP assets. The process includes review and valuation – including legal and technical due diligence issues – of the assets, preparation of marketing materials, identification of potential acquirers of the IP, negotiation of and advisement on received offers, and overall management and consultation.
  • Patent Licensing or Enforcement – Marqera works with companies seeking commercialization of their IP through a licensing or enforcement campaign by designing, managing, and implementing a tailored global initiative, which may focus the opportunity to a small or large number of entities.